Therapeutic Harp CD with Nature Sounds & Theta Binaural Beats







1. Faerie Lagoon ~ 10:14 minutes

Helping Harps

Helping Harps

Helping Harps

Amanda Odish, C.T.H.P.

Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner

Amanda Odish, C.T.H.P.

2. Pixies On Arabian Shores ~ 13:01  

          The harp is an ancient instrument of profound healing, catharsis, and rejuvenation. This therapeutic harp music utilizes the intention of love & compassion with every string played. For this CD, I play the therapeutic harp based on the ancient modes of music which touch specific emotional states and provide tranquility & harmony to our bodies, minds, and feelings. The modes I mainly use are Ionian, which is uplifting, soothing, light, gentle, & optimistic, combined with Aeolian, which is soulful, introspective, deep, tranquil, and reflective. Therapeutic harp music is known to induce relief of stress, anxiety, and agitation, promote emotional catharsis by gently releasing repressed emotions, induce sleep, normalize blood pressure and respiratory rate, improve oxygenation of the blood, deepen the breath, soothe physical pain, and enhance feelings of peace, comfort, safety, relaxation, and even euphoria. The therapeutic harp music on this CD is improvised as I channeled inspired melodies from the elemental realm of the faeries. While in a trance-like state, I meditated upon the feelings I recalled from this faerie realm and combined them with unique therapeutic harp melodies to truly capture the heart of that magical dimension.


          Since I was a young child, I deeply felt the energy of the jungle, forest, and watery magic of nature in my being. Each song on this album speaks to the mystical vibrations of each aspect of the magical faerie realm through nature in different ways. These songs feature hypnotic nature sounds such as exotic birds, nightingales, babbling brooks, lambs, frogs, oceans, crickets, and even bats! Listening to nature sounds is said to provide therapeutic benefits, like lower stress levels, increased immune function, DNA repair, cellular regeneration, deep relaxation, peace, greater focus, parasympathetic activation, and serenity. Nature sounds have also been used to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress--much like therapeutic harp music. These soothing sounds are musical gifts from nature which have profound healing effects on our minds, bodies, and spirits.


          I have also embedded Theta Binaural Beats into each of the songs. These sounds are just at hearing level, but only audible if listened to closely, so as to not distract from the meditative nature of the therapeutic sounds. Binaural beats are composed of two tones with slightly different and very specific frequencies, each delivered through the left and right side of headphones. When combined, these notes create a third “beat” that mimics and entrains the brain to that specific beat—this is called Brainwave Entrainment. In this case, I use Theta beats to induce a Theta Brainwave state, which is the perfect state for relaxation and meditation. The Theta Brainwave state is the state you are in right before you drift off to sleep. While in this twilight state, one has access to the vivid imagery & symbolism of the unconscious mind, to heightened creativity and trance, enhanced intuition, mental clarity, emotional stability, deep relaxation, and increased sense of spiritual connection.

3. Jungle Sprites ~ 16:01 Minutes

4. Dance of the Redwood Nymphs ~ 11:05 Minutes

Each video provides one-minute samples of each song. The whole CD is 50 minutes and 30 seconds long. The Three-Fold Therapeutic benefits (Therapeutic Harp, Nature Sounds, & Theta Binaural Beats) and faerie realm energies from this CD hold the intention for every person to feel total peace, contentment, and profound relaxation. It is my hope that those who listen can be filled with serenity & magical feelings.

With Love, Amanda Odish

Therapeutic Harp Brainwave Entrainment CD with Nature Sounds

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