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Helping Harps

Helping Harps

Helping Harps

Amanda Odish, C.T.H.P.

          It take a lot of courage to try something new! Congratulations for stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring the amazing world of harp music! 


          I am very passionate about teaching Folk Harp to students of all ages, especially beginner to intermediate students. From my 19 years of experience as a musician, I have discovered that anyone can learn how to play music beautifully! All we need are the skills, knowledge, love, and experience to do so. No one is ever too young, old, or inexperienced! 


         I am a very patient teacher who has a compassionate teaching style focused on positive reinforcement. I enjoy witnessing the musical potential in my students become realized. I am organized, systematic, and disciplined, yet I am also flexible, helpful, and relaxed. Each lesson will use plans based on your unique skill level and needs, and each lesson will leave you feeling motivated to learn more! 


         In your lessons, you will be equipped with the skills to see music using your left brain (logical and analytical) process by cognitively exploring harp music by sight. This includes learning, at your pace, the basic building blocks of music theory and skills necessary for sight reading. In addition, I will also teach you how to feel music by using your right brain (intuitive and creative) process by exploring the emotional effects of music and how to recognize harp music by ear.


        This is when, combined with the left & right brain processes, you can intelligently apply your intuition and logic to creatively improvise beautiful harp music with ease. 

        Oftentimes, musicians are either very good at sight reading or very good at listening and mimicking the music by ear. I believe that when taught together, a musician can be proficient at both equally. In our lessons you will get the best of both worlds and hone your skills in

  • ***  Improvisation​ ***
  • *** Sight Reading ***
  • *** Learning to Accompany Yourself with the Harp while Singing ***
  • *** Music Theory ***
  • **** Learning about the Ancient Modes of Music and Therapeutic Harp techniques 

        There are few teachers who can teach both and, since I am a full-time student at San Diego State University, I only have a few slots available to teach my favorite instrument! 

        I can teach online, at my location, or at yours (with an extra 5-10 dollar fee depending on your location for gas expenses). 

        Watch yourself progress and become the amazing harp player you are meant to be! 



Please Message Me Below with Any Questions & about Rates or Call Me at (619) 760-6450. 


Thank You!!!

Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner

Amanda Odish, C.T.H.P.

San Diego Harp Lessons with Voice & Harp Teacher Amanda Odish